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Holiday ATS® Dancing in Flow™

  • Global Education Center 4822 Charlotte Avenue Nashville, TN, 37209 United States (map)

$10 Admission Fee

Why are we doing this? Because Tula Tribe wants to counteract the effects of holiday crazy with blissful benefits of flow dancing. And how could we do that without inviting all our dance sisters to join our refuge during the madness of the holiday season?

If you've enjoyed this series before you know what’s in store, but for those who new to this concept or just curious . . . 

Dancing in Flow™ was created by Fat Chance Belly Dance founder Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman with the class format of “all dance, no talk.”

Designed for all levels of American Tribal Style students who have attended ATS® L1 to L3 classes and want some” empty brain time” to dance, get the steps into muscle memory and find the pure joy and freedom of dancing. Participants will be able to dance combos without thinking and find new areas of personal ease and comfort helping to calm and eliminate the “overthinking” that happens when you take the leadership position during regular classes and performances. There will be absolutely no verbal instruction, no partners or formations, no judgement, and no pressure to be perfect! Just simply follow the designated leader into a truly blissed out mind/body experience that many dancers refer to as Dance Meditation!

These Dancing in Flow events will last 1 ½ hours and will be divided into four (4) approximately fifteen minute segments with a mix of slow and fast music. There will be silent resting water breaks in between the sets to catch your breath. During the first fifteen minutes of dancing, the brain will chatter as participants become used to dancing continuously. During the second fifteen minutes, the brain will begin to relax. During the third period of dancing, the brain will finally decide to take a vacation to allow the body to enjoy moving in pure bliss and dancing abandon.

If you a student or admirer of American Tribal Style belly dance, come join Tula Tribe lead this communion of dancing spirits and witness the sisterhood!

It’s only $10 Admission and we’d love to see your there!
Earlier Event: January 15
Holiday ATS® Dancing in Flow™