Teaching Collectively

Our new troupe's Student Director, McKenna Driver, currently teaches most of our classes, but many of our troupe members teach also!  We have 3 Tula Tribe troupe teachers who are ATS® General Skills and Teacher Training certified and we are very proud to be a Fat Chance Belly Dance Sister Studio!

Classes are structured into an eight-week curriculum’s are repeated on an on-going basis.  You'll begin your ATS® initiation with training in our Level One Course which covers all the basics of ATS® movement, cues and formations. Then you will continue to Level 1.2 drills to refine technic and bolster confidence.  Promotions to Level 2, which is the core of our style of belly dance, is based on mastery of ATS® Level One dance vocabulary and proficiency with leading and following in group formations. Those with previous ATS® experience can consult with our Student Director on the best place join in our classes too!


Many classes are supported in attendance by Tula Tribe members.  We simply love meeting our new dance sisters!  We are continually inspired by the evolving dance spirits of our students and are always eager to support them on their dance journeys!

American Tribal Style® is truly iconic – an elegant and fiercely feminine style of improvisational dance. Its magic is not fully realized until you step into a room full of dancers, some of whom may not even speak your language, and find yourself dancing spontaneously together in a universal dialect of dance.


Classes, Performance and Events Calendar


Class Schedule & Fees

Level 1.0

Open to ATS Beginners - All Levels

New course scheduled to begin Tuesday September 17, 2019!

8 Week Course - September 17th to November 5th

(must have 5 enrolled students for course to begin - class size/spots are limited!)

Level One Course tuition $80 ($20 Deposit due upon enrollment, $60 due 1st class)

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Level 1.2

Open to ATS students who have completed the Level One Course

Short 4 Week Series - Tuesday's at 6:00 pm (Next Series begins November 12th)

This series alternates in between Level One Course and is primarily a drills and practice clinic of movement and formations learned in the Level One curriculum. 

$15  Drop-In Class

Level One $60 *Six-Class Block

Level One $80 *Eight-Class Block

*All Class Block purchases expire in 90 days

ATS® Dancing In Flow™

Open to All Levels - Beginners very welcomed!

Tuesday, Dec 10th, Dec 17th, Jan 7, Jan 14  (four weeks)
6 p.m. to 7:00 p.m
Admission - $10
May use 1 Block credit to admit

Dancing in Flow™ Designed for all levels of dancers who want some” empty brain time” to dance and either gain introduction to ATS® or simply get the ATS® steps into muscle memory.  Find the pure joy and freedom of dancing without instruction or expectation.

Level 2

Prerequisite – Level 1.2 w/teacher promotion

On-going every Tuesday’s - 7:00 PM till 8:30 PM

$15  Drop-In Class

Level Two $72 *Six-Class Block

Level Two $96 *Eight-Class Block

*All Class Block purchases expire in 90 days

CASH – CHECKS – CARDS are accepted

Studio Home:  Global Education Center - 4822 Charlotte Avenue - Nashville, TN 37209

Class Tips

• Please complete class sign-in & payment as soon as you arrive to class. It is recommended that you arrive for class at least 15 minutes early.

• Any student who has been promoted to Level 2 or Level 3 may attend lower level classes FREE of charge if attended within the same week of your regular class.

• If you are unable to attend your regular level class, you may attend a lower level class but you must pay the drop-in fee or use one of your class block credits

• Advancement to Level 2 or Level 3 classes is by invitation of the Student Director. When you advance to the next level you will receive a certificate of promotion.

• We have ATS® style hip scarfs and finger cymbals (Zils) to lend to our students for use during class.

• Please wear comfortable yoga style pants & tops or dance cholis for our classes. You will want to be able to sit & stretch comfortably on the floor and have freedom of movement during class. Our signature 25 yard skirts are always welcome in our classes!

• Please do not wear athletic shoes during our class. Bare feet, toeless stocking thongs or dance slippers are worn in our style of dance

Class cancellations due to incumbent weather or other emergencies will be posted on Facebook

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ATS® Vocabulary PDF

To My Sisters in Dance


Tribal Code

From an original hanging on the wall in the FCBD® studio - to share and live by .... in, and out of the studio.