Tula Tribe Belly Dance



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Tula Tribe Belly Dance will be performing at ~

The Cabaret Noir Collective presents: The Naughty List

Saturday December 16, 2017  -  Exit/In  -  Doors: 8:00 PM - Show: 9:00 PM

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New Day of Week for ATS® Level One Series in 2018

Tula Tribe is updating our Level One class format and day of class beginning in 2018.  So, as we start our annual Dancing in Flow events on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm on December 21 we're simply going to continue having Dancing in Flow right into 2018 alternating Tuesday's Dancing in Flow with three Level Once series.  The first 8 week Level One series will happen in February 2018.  The Level One series will repeat its curriculum for the second time in the summer and then one final time in the fall.   More details will follow but please come join us for Dancing in the Flow on Tuesday's at 6 pm beginning December 21, 2017!  See our calendar for more info!