Tula Tribe Belly Dance
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Latest News and Upcoming Performances!

Revised Schedules for Remainder of 2018


We have fortunately acquired an additional teacher helping us bridge the teaching gap we've experienced in 2018 with our new little bundles of unexpected expectations . ..  pun intended LOL!

McKenna Driver has re-joined our little dance community and has agreed to join our teaching team!  We now can meet the popular demand for ongoing Level 1.0 and Level 1.2 rotations.

Registration for the next Level 1.0 course will begin by mid September for a new start date of Tuesday, October 16th.  An enrollment deposit is required and you can find details on our Classes page by clicking here and you can send a request for registration by send a message to us on our Contact Us page. 

Also worthy of mention is that we will resume Dancing in Flow™ for the holidays on Tuesday's December 11th through January 22nd with breaks on Christmas and New Years Day.

And . . . we have fall performances up coming!  So stay tuned for more announcements on these . . . YIP!